Paraskevi International prides itself on being a professional, ethical and high quality Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

We work consistently with legal and regulatory authorities to improve overall client satisfaction, and actively participate in departmental quality and performance audits. These audits are a vital component of our success, as without the support, advocacy and advice from our governing bodies, we would not be able to effectively deliver on all components of our training mandate, which is focused on quality outcomes for all students.

Paraskevi International has recently been audited by the Department of Education and Training, and, as our audit results show, we have confirmed our place as Townsville’s premier provider of high quality, affordable training for those aspiring to a career in the hairdressing industry.

Detailed Report Detailed Report (434 KB)

Audit Results

AUDIT DATE Friday 26th February, 2010
AUDIT TYPE Post Initial Compliance Audit
QUALIFICATIONS AUDITED Certificate II in Hairdressing WRH20106
Certificate III in Hairdressing WRH30106
ESSENTIAL STANDARDS AUDITED 6 standards (1.1, 1.2, 1.4,1.5, 2.1,3.1)

Summary of audit feedback

‘Well qualified, experienced, and passionate staff are a strength’

‘Staff involved in the training and assessment function are very experienced and keep up to date through a variety of publications, conference attendance and local business networks’

‘The training and assessment strategies for the qualifications sampled.. have clearly been developed in consultation with the industry they are targeting’…

‘Information provided to students in both hardcopy and via the website is accurate and comprehensive’